Anal Fissure

Following home remedies also work wonders to treat the disease in effective manners:

Rich diets – Patients suffering from Anal Fissures must take fiber-rich foods. They should include fruit juices that are able to soften the hard stool and soothe the bowel movements. Fresh fruits including pineapple, apple, papayas, grapes, oranges and mangoes help to avoid constipation. Likewise taking whole rains, green leafy vegetables, figs, carrots, dates and raisins etc also soothe bowel movements and prevent Anal Fissures. White rice or sugary foods should be avoided as they cause constipation.

Aloe Vera – Enriched with the anti-inflammatory features; this natural herb sooths the anus and anal canal. Take some gel of this herb and apply directly on the affected areas thrice or four times a day. Compresses of aloe on the anus are able to cure the disease in quick manners.

Fomentations (Hot and Cold) – Patients suffering from Anal Fissures are advised to adopt this method of treatment. Soak a clean soft cloth either in hot or cold water and apply the same on the affected area for some time. Repeating the process thrice gives sufficient relief.

Olive Oil – Hard stool can be softened by inserting the olive oil gently into the rectum. Repeat the process a number of times.

Petroleum Jelly – Application of petroleum jelly into the rectum before going for passing stools gives soothing effects. The stool becomes soft and patients are protected from tears or wounds.

Sitz Bath – Sitting in tub filled with warm water for some time after experiencing bowel movements reduces the pain.

Wheat germ oil – Fast recovery from Anal Fissures is possible with this oil by applying and leaving it over the affected area for some time. It may be wiped with soft wet tissue.

Laxatives – Stools can be softened with laxatives that may be used with the consent of the doctor.

Proper Hygiene – Anal Fissure patients must keep the affected areas clean and dry to avoid moisture and bacterial infections. Soft toilet papers may be used to wipe the area. Good powder may be used to dab around the area after bath or bowel movements. Diapers of the infants suffering from Anal Fissures should be chanted on frequent basis.

Plenty of water – Taking sufficient quantity of water helps to soften the harder stools. Constipation can be prevented with water. Harmful toxins can be removed by taking sufficient water. Avoid taking water with the foods and take it half an hour before or after the meals.

Exercising – Physical activities including walking, yoga asana and other exercises help to regulate bowel movements and improve circulation of blood to the body parts.

Pillow – Pain because of Anal Fissure can be reduced by sitting on soft pillows that help to reduce the pressure.

Avoid Strain – Try to have control on any type of strain or anxiety as it may lead to pressure, constipation and tears.

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