Treat Asthma by doing yoga defined by Swami Ramdev Ji in DVD

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Asthma is a disorder of respiratory tract which interferes with normal breathing process. It also causes inflammation and infection in the respiratory tract, lungs and other relevant tracts and organs. Like other serious ailments of body, asthma can also be treated by doing some specific yoga poses. These yoga poses are easily available in the DVD provided by Swami Ramdev Ji. In case you are also suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems such as sinusitis, rhinitis, corzya etc., you may also get benefitted from this DVD. Have a look at some of the main features and advantages of this DVD.

Quick relief from various respiratory disorders– The yoga asanas given in this DVD for Asthma are helpful in providing quick relief from various respiratory disorders such as sinusitis and corzya. It is due to the reason that the yoga asanas help in making respiratory tract and the system strong to ease the breathing process.

Enhancement in immunity– It also helps in enhancing immunity of the sufferer and hence makes him able to fight against infections and foreign elements which aggravate the condition of asthma. It also helps in preventing persistent attacks of asthma.

Relief from chronic cough-Asthmatic patients mostly suffer from the problem of constant or chronic cough. It is due to infection or inflammation in the respiratory tract. The yoga asanas suggested by Swami Ramdev Ji in this DVD help in providing instant relief from these problems. The chronic fever and pain in the facial muscles associated with these problems are also relieved effectively by performing these yoga exercises.

For easy and instant relief from asthma and relevant problems, Swami Ramdev Ji has also mentioned some home remedies in this DVD. These are mentioned below.

Boil some drumstick leaves in water and then let it cool. The leaves must be boiled for around 5 minutes. Then add salt, lime juice and pepper to it. It becomes a great natural home remedy for asthmatic patients.

Take some cloves of garlic and boil it in 30 ml of milk. Have it regularly to get relief from asthma. Garlic has medicinal properties and hence helps in treating asthma and other respiratory problems effectively.

Take 5gms of gooseberry herb and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. It becomes a great home remedy which may be taken regularly in the morning for successful treatment of asthma.

Bitter gourd roots are also a good natural home remedy for asthma treatment. Mix a teaspoon of bitter gourd roots and mix it with honey or juice extracted from basil leaves. Take this preparation at night for a month continuously and regularly. It will give amazing results in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory problems.

Ginger is a natural antibiotic herb which gives instant and effective relief from respiratory problems. You can have ginger tea to get relief from acute attacks of asthma.


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