Do yoga and make your back bone strong – Yoga VCD for Back Bone in Hindi language

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As a result of long hours of sitting in the same position or due to over-work, many people suffer from the problem of back pain. Apart from back pain, many other problems relevant to back bone may also arise. These problems may be treated well with the help of some yoga asanas suggested by Swami Ramdev in his VCD. This VCD is quite beneficial to get relieved from various problems related to the back bone. Let us now have a look at some of these.

Strength to the muscles of back bone- The yoga poses presented by Swami Ramdev in his VCD help in making the muscles of back bone strong. This in turn helps in bearing stress and pain caused due to prolonged work hours.

Relief from pain and inflammation- The yoga poses also help in relieving pain and inflammation caused due to stress in the back bone. It is done by stretching of the muscles of back and other related muscles.

Treatment of backbone diseases– This VCD is also helpful in the treatment of various diseases related to back bone. It is due to the reason that most of the diseases related to backbone arise due to stress in the backbone. This stress is relived effectively with the help of yoga poses given in this VCD.

Some of the yoga poses given in this VCD are given below.

Single leg Raises- This pose is performed by lifting up one leg while keeping the other leg on the floor. It is a great warm-up pose to get the body ready for other exercises. It helps in making the muscles of legs and lower back strong and thus treats various problems relevant to back bone.

Double leg raisesIt is done by lifting the two legs up simultaneously. The muscles of the back are elongated while relaxing the muscles of shoulder and neck. It is a great pose to make the muscles of back strong and also relieves rigidity and spasms of muscles of back.

Corpse PoseThis pose helps in making the muscles of back bone relaxed. It can be done before and after the main yoga exercises in the form of warm up and cool down exercises. 

Fish PoseIt helps in providing relief from the contraction in the muscles of neck, shoulder and back. It also enhances elasticity of the muscles in all these areas.

Thus, you may get rid of any types of diseases of back bone as well as pain, rigidity, swelling or inflammation in the lower back by following instructions given in this VCD. You can easily perform all the yoga poses at home without going anywhere.


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