Get rid of Constipation and Piles with the help of yoga VCD

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Yoga VCD For Constipation And Piles In Hindi Language

Due to some problem in digestive system, some people suffer from the problem of constipation and piles. Both the conditions are equally painful and disturbing for the sufferer. So it becomes necessary to treat the same. The patient may take medicines which are available at various medical stores. But it is always advisable to get these conditions treated with the help of natural cures such as yoga. To help patients get rid of these problems, Swami Ramdev Ji has made available yoga VCD for such people. Some of the benefits of this VCD are as mentioned below.

Effective yoga exercises for piles and constipation- The yoga exercises presented by Swami Ramdev Ji in this VCD are quite effective in the treatment of piles and constipation. These can be done at home easily without anyone’s help.

No side effects– The home remedies given by Ramdev Ji are free from any side-effects. These can be used by people of any age without the fear of any adverse reactions on the body. These home remedies are even effective in the treatment of fistula.

Strengthening of the digestive system– To treat the problem of constipation and piles, it is quite important that the digestive system of a person must be strong enough. By performing yoga asanas suggested by Baba Ramdev Ji, anyone can make his digestive system strong and hence get rid of the two problems.

Home remedies for piles and constipation.

Fibre– In order to treat constipation, you must always include lots of fibre in your diet. It helps in clearing away the digestive tract and the system.

Pear- You can also eat pear fruit or have pear juice regularly to treat the problem of constipation naturally.

Have lots of fluids- To clear the digestive system, you must drink lots of fluids every day.  Water should be the top priority as it helps in dealing with the problem of constipation in a better manner.

Spinach– Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are also rich source of fibre and hence must be included in your diet regularly. It helps in making digestive system work in a normal manner.

Fruits and vegetables– Apart from other foods, you must also eat fruits and vegetables regularly to get rid of constipation and piles. It helps in having normal motions each day without any problems. You can have fruits such as oranges, papaya, figs etc. in your diet. These fruits help in enhancing blood supply to the anal region and prevent constipation and piles.

Avoiding long hours of sitting- It is always advisable for such people who suffer from the problem of piles that they should not sit in same posture for long time. It is due to the reason that the supply of blood to the anal area is blocked or reduced due to stress on the relevant nerves. The nerves become inflated and hence aggravate the problem of piles. Such people should keep on taking small breaks in-between and perform some stretching exercises as well as simple walking.

Bananas- Ripe bananas are the best remedy to treat the problem of piles in a natural way.

Cumin seeds- To treat the problem of bleeding piles, you can have cumin seeds in powdered form. You can take cumin seeds and roast the same till they become deep brown and crush the same to make a powder. Add honey to this powder and have it regularly to treat the problem of piles.


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