Crack Heel Cream 50gm


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Patanjali Cream for Cracked Heel, Foot and Fingers.

Composition : Each 5 gm contains :- (w/w)

  • Mustard oil 12.5%
  • Borax 0.5%
  • Kayakalp taila 12.5%
  • Wheat Grass oil 1%
  • Aloe vera 10%
  • Desi Maum 12.5%
  • Bheemsaini Kapur 1%
  • Base Material q.s

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

The problem of cracked heals is quite common during the summer season. It is due to dryness of the skin and improper care of the feet and the heels. Cracked heels even become so worse that these start bleeding. Also one feels uncomfortable in wearing footwear of his/her choice due to cracked heels. Some home remedies may help in this regard. Have a look.
Vegetable oil- It helps in dealing with the problem of dryness of the skin which is one of the major causes behind cracked heels. Wash your feet and clean the same. Let them dry completely and apply vegetable oil on the cracked heels and other affected parts of your feet. Then put on thick socks and let the same cover your feet overnight. Wash your feet in the morning and repeat the same process at night for some days. It helps in giving you smooth and beautiful heels.

Banana along with banana and avocado foot mask-Apply pulp of ripe banana over the cracked heels and let it there for 10 minutes followed by washing with water. Even you may use a banana mask by mixing banana pulp and half an avocado or the flesh of coconut. Make a thick creamy paste by blending all ingredients together. Apply the same on your feet to heal cracked heels. The essential oils present in avocados and coconut help in making skin soft and moisturized.

Paraffin wax– It is an efficient home remedy for cracked and painful heels. Mix some paraffin wax in mustard or coconut oil and heat the same till the wax gets melted properly. Let the mixture cool down and apply the same on your feet. Cover your feet with a pair of socks and then go to bed. Wash off your feet in the morning. Repeat the same process till you get soft and smooth heels.

Honey– It is another great natural ingredient which helps in providing apt moisturizer to the feet. Also honey is rich in antibacterial properties and hence prevents any skin infections caused due to cracked skin. Take some warm in a bucket and add honey to it. Soak your feet in the bucket for 20-30 minutes followed by gentle scrubbing of the feet. It gives you soft and smooth skin on the heels.

Rice Flour-The scrub prepared from rice flour is quite efficient in providing relief from cracked heels. Make a thick paste by adding honey and apple cider vinegar to rice flour. Even you may add olive oil or sweet almond oil to the mixture. Soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes followed by scrubbing with this paste to remove the dead layer of skin from the feet. It gives you fresh and smooth skin on the heels.

Vaseline and lemon juice- Cleanse your feet for all the dust and then soak them in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Let your feet dry. Rub Vaseline and lemon juice on the cracked parts of the feet gently so that it may get absorbed completely. Cover your feet with woolen socks and go to the bed. Wash your feet in the morning to get smooth skin.


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