Divya Gashar Churna, the best remedy for gastric problems

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An apt mixture of certain natural herbs; Divya Gashar Churna is the best remedy to get rid of gastric disorders. It helps to digest the food without any problem. Patients suffering from heartburn and acidity also get relief by using this herbal treatment that is much useful for flatulence, colic pain and heavy abdomen. This churna benefits the people who suffer from the following problems.

Discomfort – Divya Gashar Churna relieves the patients who face discomfort and relieves them from the uneasiness of any manner. Patients whose gastric organs suffer from malfunctioning are helped much by using this churna that is useful for heartburn and acidity problems too. Few persons suffer from decreased appetite. They are advised to have this churna on regular basis.

Diarrhea and constipation – Divya Gashar Churna helps the patients to get relief from these two major problems that create bigger problems.

Gas – We often come across many persons who suffer from gas formation. This herbal churna helps them to get rid of this major problem that leads to complications. Another use of this herbal medicine is relief from abdomen heaviness.

Following steps prove more helpful in taking this churna.

Take after food – It is suggested that Divya Gashar Churna is taken with mild warm water and it must be consumed after having food. However, in the event of flatulence or gas problem, it may be had at any other suitable time.

Quantity & Duration – Anybody suffering from any type of gastric problem is advised to have one teaspoon of this herbal churna twice a day. You can say good bye to the digestive disorders by having the Divya Gashar Churna on regular basis as it helps to enhance the functioning of the digestive system. Prepared from the natural herbs, this churna does not create any side effects even if it is taken for prolonged period. However, it may be taken as long as one suffers from any disorder related to abdomen.

Dieting – Undoubtedly, Divya Gashar Churna helps the persons who suffer from digestive disorders. However, they should stick to apt quantity of food and not eat too much and on frequent intervals. Light food is most suitable for digestive disorders that often occur due to fried and heavy foods. Foods containing fats and proteins should be avoided whereas carbohydrates can be digested easily. Foods that can be easily digested are recommended for the persons suffering from gastric problems.

Following steps prove much helpful to get quicker and best results by having the Divya Gashar Churna.

Simple walk – Anybody suffering from heavy abdomen and other gastric problems is advised to adopt simple walk that may be had as per his or her own individual capacity.

Dinner – A gap of approx two hours is recommended between your dinner and the sleep time.

It is advised that alcohol, coffee and tea etc should be avoided as these things enhance the chances of gastric problems that can be treated with the Divya Gashar Churna.


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