Lead normal pregnancy with the help of yoga DVD for Pregnant Ladies

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Women have to suffer from many problems during pregnancy. It is due to the changes occurring in the body due to reproductive process. Sometimes, the problems become worse and unbearable for women. To deal with such situations, Swami Ramdev Ji has suggested many yoga poses as well as home remedies for pregnant women. These help in dealing with various problems related to pregnancy. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of this DVD.

Easily executable yoga poses– The yoga poses given in this DVD are so simple and easy that these can be performed by women even during pregnancy conveniently. Although these yoga poses are simple and easy however these are quite effective. Some of these poses are warrior pose, standing side stretch pose, mountain pose and triangle pose.

Relief from some common problems of pregnancy– Most of the women suffer from some common problems during pregnancy such as constipation, vomiting, nausea, back pain etc. All these problems are treated well with the help of various yoga poses given in this DVD.

Normal delivery- The yoga exercises and poses given in this DVD for pregnant ladies help in normal delivery. It helps in prevention of all types of complications or risks of surgery associated with pregnancy.

Strength to the muscles of body- Since reproduction involves efforts from almost all the muscles of the body therefore yoga poses available in this DVD help in preparing all the muscles of the body to deliver the baby normally. It also helps in prevention of back pain associated with pregnancy.

Strengthening of reproductive organs of females- The yoga poses present in this DVD help in providing strength to the reproductive organs of the body such as pelvic and uterine muscles. It helps in stimulation of contractions of the uterine during reproductive process.

Some of the home remedies to deal with problems relevant to pregnancy are as follows.

Wild Yam root and ginger tea- A teaspoon of wild yam root every morning helps in dealing with morning sickness which is felt during pregnancy.  Apart from this, ginger tea also helps in dealing with nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables- To prevent frequent infections which occur during pregnancy, pregnant women should have lots of fruits and vegetables. They may also take fruit juice to aid in digestion during pregnancy.

Green salad- To prevent constipation, pregnant women should include lots of fibre content in their diet. It can be taken from green salad.

Eating frequently- Since pregnant women need more diet so as to feed their unborn baby, therefore they should eat more frequently all through the day. It helps in preventing any problems which are caused due to empty stomach.

Avoiding junk food- Pregnant women should always keep away from junk foods, tea, coffee or other foods which are rich in acidic content.

Lemon juice– To avoid nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, you must have lemon juice more often during pregnancy. It also aids in enhancing appetite during pregnancy.

Cider Vinegar- Similarly, cider vinegar helps in prevention of nausea during pregnancy. It must be taken with warm water.


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