Fight with cancer with the help of yoga DVD by Baba Ramdev Ji

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Cancer is known to be the most deadly diseases of all. It is due to the reason that it attacks the chief system of human body i.e. immune system. This system is responsible for fighting against various diseases and infections occurring in the body. But cancer makes it so weak that it proves to be life-threatening for the sufferer. Multiple techniques are available in medical world but these have their own side-effects. Yoga is one such physical activity which makes the immune system strong and hence makes the patient able to fight with the disease. It benefits the users in many ways.

Effective yoga exercises for cancer treatment- Swami Ramdev Ji has made available some simple but effective yoga exercises for the treatment of cancer. These include breathing exercises, sun salutations and some other exercises which help in giving relief from various symptoms relevant to cancer.

Relief from physical pain caused due to cancer– The yoga poses presented by Swami Ramdev in this DVD help in providing relief from the pain caused in various parts of the body due to cancer. These exercises also help in providing relief from the side-effects caused due to various cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In other words, these yoga poses help in dealing with the side-effects caused due to various therapies used to treat cancer.

Inhibits growth of cancer- The yoga poses as well as home remedies given in this DVD help in stopping the growth of cancer to other parts of the body.

Complete relaxation in the body– The cancer patients suffer from a feeling of uneasiness in their bodies most of the time. The yoga poses present in this DVD help in providing a feeling of relaxation to the patients and hence provides them a healthy lifestyle.

Provides strength to the body– The yoga poses available in this DVD by Swami Ramdev Ji are effective enough to make the body of the cancer patients strong enough to fight against the diseased condition.

Some of the breathing exercises given in this DVD are as mentioned below.

Sun Salutation– This exercise is mostly performed at the beginning of any of the yoga exercises. These exercises help in triggering the body and warm it up for the further exercises.

Breathing exercise- These are also excellent exercises to boost up the energy of the body and make the patient feel rejuvenated. It is done by sitting in a cross-legged position. You have to close each of the nostrils alternatively with the corresponding thumbs and taking deep breathes in. The breath is sustained for as long as possible and then releasing it by removal of the thumb. It may be repeated as many times as possible.


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